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How To Land Your First $1,000 per Month Client in 30 Days or Less!

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Built a 6-Figure Agency while still in High School

Learn how to build a Social Media Marketing Agency the right way with SMMA University...

Even if you have no money to invest, you've never built a profitable marketing campaign, or you've never closed a client before in your life!

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*SMMA University will be $997 again after November 30, 2020

If you made it to this page you probably know me from somewhere else (I haven't opened this to the public yet.) 

So you probably follow me on Instagram.

Or you've came across my Youtube Channel and liked what you saw.

Or maybe you even saw me speak about entrepreneurship at an event? 

Either way...
I'm part of a "New Breed" of young entrepreneurs that are starting businesses differently than everyone has in history and redefining the meaning of lifestyle.
So you see me on social media driving exotic cars or traveling the world while working from my laptop, but how do I do all of that?

Let me tell you... I'm NOT an "online guru".  I didn't make fortunes investing in bitcoin.

I'm definitely not building Amazon FBA stores or Dropshipping products from China. 

I'm not following any "new trends" and not following what every random guy online says I should do to get rich quick. I mean honestly - how many people do you actually know that have done that and been successful?

Instead, I've decided to focus on business principles that have been around for centuries and follow what Elon Musk, my favorite entrepreneur of all time, says:
“You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems that you solve”  Elon Musk
So what's the biggest problem that all business owners have in 2019?


I think it's crazy how people overcomplicate everything.

If you go to any business owner right now and bring them more customers would they say no? Of course not!

You can call me a digital marketer, an agency owner, a consultant or whatever...

At the end of the day I bring in ACTUAL results to my clients in the form of cash. Then they pay me a part of what I make them.

It's like coming over to a friends house with a whole pizza, straight out of the oven - and just asking for ONE slice. 

There's a business inside of you. My goal is to find that passion and turn it into an agency - even if you're broke, you don't know what your passion is,  or you're bad at sales - just like I was.

These Are The Exact Processes I Used to Hit 6 Figures in Revenue (While I Was Still In High school)

You’ve said it for years . . . you’re going to start that business.

But then money starts getting short and you need to put in more hours at your job to make ends meet. Then things at school get crazy with homework, tests, mid-terms and so on...

Then you don't have enough time because you also want to go to the gym, hang out with friends and have a social life... And you don't have any cash to invest, or any connections to make anything happen...


When will the excuses stop? When will you actually put in the effort that your dreams demand from you?

How about right now? 

I created this course for you - Because these are ALL of the lessons that I had to learn the hard way.  I literally wasted tens of thousands of dollars in missed business deals and failed marketing campaigns.

I wish I could have access to something even near this when I was just starting out.
My goal is to get you to your first 1,000+/month client in less than 30 days.
Getting your first client is like having your first kiss. You are super scared, not confident enough thinking that you're going to mess everything up. You're basically overthinking everything.

But once you go ahead and just do it. EVERYTHING gets easier. 

You build up the confidence and lose that anxiety that was holding you back and start building momentum.

And you're only one client away from having the momentum you need to start your business.

Which means you're only one client away from getting anything you want in life.

You see, the life you dream of having, the business you dream of building, the freedom you dream of having - will all be created by getting that first client.

That’s why you can’t keep creating excuses. You can’t keep putting it off to tomorrow. You can’t ignore this  anymore and keep putting it off to the side.

Please Check All Of The Questions 
Where Your Answer Is YES!

Are you someone who has always said they want to start a business, but you've never even gave it a shot?

Are you in a job that you hate but you want to start your own business about something you're passionate about?

Do you want to have the freedom to work from home or to be able to work from anywhere in the world?

Have you started a business venture that has failed and are looking for a new opportunity? 

Are you tired of having somebody else picking your hours and dictating your schedule?
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, I Want To Invite You To Join The 'SMMA University'...
And Change Your Life Forever...

I'm Going To Share EVERYTHING...

The Exact Processes & Systems I Used 
To Build A 6-Figure Agency

(Even Though I was STILL in High School)
If you're wondering.. YES!  - That's me on the right in the early days of building my agency lol
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  • 7 Modules, 40+ Classes, Multiple Guest Speakers!

    Get EVERYTHING you need to learn to be able to build an SMMA Agency.

    More than 40 Lessons taught by me and along with the best names in the industry in their niches. Learn on the go right from your phone!
  • Mastermind Community Facebook Group:

    Being an entrepreneur is lonely and you know that. Connect with other entrepreneurs all over the world to help you keep going when times get hard!

    You'll join us on our weekly live Q&A calls! We'll answer all of the biggest problems our students run into.  Also a great way to crush obstacles as they come up when building your social media marketing agency.
  • All of my Templates and Systems:

    What do you do when a prospect asks for a contract? Or a proposal? You'll get everything I wished I had when I started! From spreadsheets to track your marketing campaign KPI's, to Proposal Templates, and sales scripts.

    You'll have multiple useful tool and systems that will stick with you forever.
Everything Your Need To Start, Build and Scale Your SMMA Agency
Even if you've never closed a deal or built a marketing campaign in your life!
Multiple Experts, For Multiple Perspectives.
If you're part of the first class of SMMA University you'll get access to exclusive training modules from the biggest names in the industry like Dennis Yu, Casey Adams, Hayden Bowles, Jordan Stupar, Cole Vandee & Ryan Moran!
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is the Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics, and an expert in managing social campaigns for enterprise clients like the Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.
He’s an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing and has spoken in 17 countries, spanning 5 continents.
Casey Adams
Casey Adams is a 19 year old Networking Expert and CEO Of Build Your Empire and will be teaching you how to build and leverage your personal brand to grow your agency
Hayden Bowles
Hayden Bowles is a multi-7 figure e-commerce entrepreneur who has coached over 4,000 people to become successful in e-commerce. Now Hayden is here to teach you how to grow and scale an e-commerce digital marketing agency in one of our bonus modules!
Jordan Stupar
Jordan Stupar is a professional sales consultant and trainer in the retail, direct and inside sales industries. Jordan has consistently placed himself in the top 1% of all performers and earners and is now sharing his methods with the SMMA University Community
Ryan Moran
Ryan Moran is a Google Ads Expert and an authority in Google Ads training on YouTube with his channel “Ryan Markets” he will be teaching you the basics of Google Ads, how to setup and scale campaigns, and how to upset Google Ads as a service to your SMMA clients
Cole Vandee
Cole Vandee is a copywriting expert who has written copy that has produced over $17 Million in sales for clients like Tai Lopez, Chris Record, Timothy Sykes and more! 
Here's What Our Students Are Saying:
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Frequently Asked Questions
7 Modules With 40+ Personally Delivered Lessons
What if I'm not qualified enough?
SMMA University is specifically designed to qualify you - whether you have never signed a client before or launched a digital marketing campaign in your life. Everybody starts somewhere (do you think I was qualified when I started?).

By the end of this course you'll become a certified digital marketer and have all of the information you need to start your agency and a community to assist you throughout the journey.
What if the course is out of my budget?
Right now the course is the cheapest it will ever be, so now is the time!

After November 15th the price to join will be $997. We'll also provide an installment plan option split throughout 3 months to make it as easy as possible for everybody to start.
What If I Am Unhappy With The Course?
The whole reason why we created SMMA University is to help people be successful in their entrepreneurship journeys. So if you're unhappy, you won't be helping our community - and that's a loss for everybody and we don't want that.

If for any reason you're unsatisfied with the course, reach out within 14 days and we'll refund your purchase. If you've watched more than 25% of the lessons no refunds will be accepted (clicking on the lesson counts as a view in our system).
 When does SMMA University start?
There's no start date! After you join you'll be given access to the modules and you can go through it in your own pace and timeline! That means you can focus on the "Getting Clients" module if you're trying to get more revenue or the "Getting Results" section if your clients aren't too happy. 
When does the course end?
Once you become a student you'll have access forever. That means that even if you don't have enough time right now you can still take advantage of the 1/3 price and start working on your agency when school or work becomes less stressful!
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SMMA University
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  • Exclusive Access to the Private SMMA University Mastermind Group 
  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions
  • Downloadable Scripts, Templates & Systems that I use in my agency
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*SMMA University will be $997 again after November 30, 2020
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